Being the world's most popular destination for tourists, France is blessed with everything you need while in a foreign nation and even more than that. Once you study in France, there is no doubt you would not want to come back for the sheer love the country showers along with the gifts of arts, sculptures, food and what not. So before you set forth for a journey to Europe's most popular country, let us know about popular courses in the country.

Although France is well reputed for its highly dedicated academic system, it is well known worldwide that French take their mission to impart world class education very seriously and has excelled in many industries that you can choose to study in France to make a career.

To begin with, France is very popular for its excellence in Nuclear, Space and Aviation education. Being technically advanced, international students majorly choose to go for technology to study in France!

But that doesn't really mean you can not go for other options especially when you know that France is world's most important center for art. So yes, apart from technology or space, students aspiring to study in France can opt to study fine arts, history, linguistics, law and literature too.

Law is especially of keen interest in France and is also where they have gained excellence. Popular among the local and international students alike, economics courses taught in France are very sophisticated compared to other European countries.

Those of you who are interested in science are to be alarmed specially because France has set very high standards for learning science courses in its universities and colleges. The courses are tough and designed only for those students who are determined to get a degree in this course. Apart from science, students have other options as well to study in France like Pharmacology, Geography, Linguistics, medicine among many others.