Located in the heart of South East Asia, Singapore carries a dynamic aura of global presence rich with a perfect blend of arts, culture, architecture, and cuisine. For centuries the country has served as a bridge between the East and West with a great exchange of information, learning, trade and much more. Today, Singapore is so much more than just a bridge, it has become a 'global schoolhouse' gaining the reputation in offering world-class educational experience. Let us have a brief look at the top 3 universities in Singapore and understand why you should choose them.

1. National University of Singapore: Established in 1905, NUS is ranked globally at the 15th position according to QS world university rankings 2018. Regarded as the Singapore's flagship university, NUS offers a world-class academic curriculum with a large focus on Asian perspectives and expertise, to students choosing to study in Singapore.

2. Nanyang Technological University: Established in 1991, NTU ranks 11 on the global ranking scale by QS and is also one the two largest public universities in Singapore. Students choose to study here because NTU is globally ranked among the top 50 in following subject areas of study - Engineering and technology (4th), Electrical and electronic engineering (6th), Materials science (7th), Communication and media studies (14th), Chemical engineering (17th), Natural sciences (17th), Education and training (18th) and Computer science.

3.Singapore Management University: Established in the year 2000, SMU is home to over 9000 students and more than 1200 full time international and exchange students pursuing their higher education in its six schools. Students choose to study in Singapore in SMU for its diverse curriculum, a collaborative and project-based approach to academic learning with small class sizes., and for its interactive pedagogy with small class sizes.