Ireland is called the green emerald for all the good reasons apart from the fact that it is indeed so lush green that a bird's eye view shows the land of Eire as shining as an emerald. Although this country is small but doesn't let its size hover your decision to study in Ireland. There are n number of places you can visit and a wide range of activities that you can pursue while pursuing your higher education.

One of the major questions that students ask is about the language issues while they study in Ireland. The simple straight forward response is a NO. Ireland recognizes English and Irish as its two official languages. There is no denying the fact that majority population in the country is immigrant and thus speak English. This results in a wide cultural diversity and thus enabling students to experience the best of what Ireland has to offer apart from higher education.

Let us now look at top 3 awesome things to do while you study in Ireland.

1. Musical Nights:

Ireland is known for its traditional Celtic music that is not only soul relaxing but listening to one of those Irish Gaelic music events will make you do time travel and relive the grand Irish history.

2. Capital City of Dublin:

Study in Ireland and not visiting its capital? Not Done! Dublin is known as the Viking city and is filled with exquisite art, architecture, Iveagh gardens and many places to must visit like city park of Merrion Square and the Alfresco cafe culture of Drury streets. There are so many bridges in this city that an evening strolling on them will fill you with Ireland!

3. Galway:

Known as the festival capital of Ireland, Galway is one of the fastest growing cities with numerous events ranging from jazz music, horse racing, literature fests and film fests happening every now and then to revive you with young and fresh energy. Galway is also the European capital of culture in 2020.