The United States of America is regarded as the land of hopes and dreams which when combined with hard work and persistence has resulted in great results across every sector of the country's economy. It has particularly resulted in a sort of opening the floodgates to global education sector of US. Today, US is the most preferred and top study abroad destination in the world.

According to the statistics of 2015-16 academic year, the number of international students in the colleges and higher education institutions has grown by up to 7.1%. The Indian students, in particular, find the US quite an attractive destination to pursue their higher education and hence their count in the universities of US is more than 165,000. The US is known for its finest university system with superior academic quality across all the fields of study in the world. Be it the graduate, diploma, post grad or Ph.D., majority students from all over the world look for education opportunities to study in USA.

One of the important reasons that US aces the global education sector is the fact that country houses an excellent infrastructure of several colleges and universities with huge campuses and that too in a well- organized fashion. Studying in such an environment results in great prospects for not only academic but personal and professional development as well. Encouragement to novel ideas and research has further led to the growth of US as an ideal study abroad destination on the international frontier. Some of the top places to study in US are California State University Chico, Western Kentucky, Oklahoma State University, Hult International Business school, INTO- Marshall University, Le Cordon Bleu USA, Navitas-USA among others!