Germany- the land of technological expertise and wonderful scientific feats, also happens to be equally well versed in imparting quality education. The education system in Germany has seen many up- downs and gone through a series of historical evolution and has reached to a point where international students these days are aspiring and working hard to study in Germany.

Beginning its history right from the Prussian Era, taking about the period of 18th century, German system of education has had an initial influence of Lutheranism wherein it was the first country to offer free and compulsory primary education. Since then there has been reforms and changes in policies and outlook of the Germans towards education particularly to improve their low ranking in Programme for International students Assessment (PISA) in the year 2000. So while you are planning to study in Germany for your higher education, rest assured with your decision because all those reforms and changes have today resulted in a 99% literacy mark in the country along with placing Germany on 20th rank among 215 countries.

Continuing further with presenting the achievements of German education system in offering world class academics and degree programmes, it is noteworthy that according to QS world university rankings of 2018, there are 12 German universities in the Top 200! Germany has tertiary education as the fourth pillar of its higher education system for international students. Offering degrees in Arts, film, engineering and music, there is intense focus over research and innovation too.

After abolishing the tuition fees in Germany since 2014, students are required to pay only a nominal fee for the semester. The tuition fees been termed as 'Socially Unjust' by the political figures in the country, it is a wonderful opportunity to study in Germany and easy as well if you are an exceptional performer and determined to make the rightful use of the resources that German universities offers to its students!