Higher education is the gateway from where you can transcend your cultural boundaries and gain a better perspective to look at the world. That perspective will help you understand the diversity that exists around the globe and thus acquire better skills for your career in the long run.

Your plans to study in UAE will help you with just that!

With the changes that have been brought and some which are underway have turned UAE into such an esteemed study abroad destination that after USA, UK or Australia, it is here where the international students would want to pursue their higher education. The launch of the Dubai Knowledge Village in 2003 along with Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) in 2007 has had a significant impact on increasing the number of international students coming to study in UAE. There has also been a marked increase in the rise of international branch campuses in the country.

Fine, UAE is a great study abroad destination but what about its educational infrastructure? How does that go about?

The answer is quite simple. UAE is home to the following higher education institutions:

  • 2 national universities

  • 2 national colleges

  • 25 private universities

  • 33 private colleges

  • 10 private institutes

Isn't that impressive to see such developmental shift in the focus from an oil-based economy to the one that works on expanding knowledge and innovation?

This is the reason why so many students are now preferring to study in UAE which is quite evident from these numbers where Public higher education institutions have reported about 8.1% and 56.9% for Private higher education institutions for their international students' enrollments.